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It's Time For Bed - Theme & Variations

For Solo Piano.

Theme, 7 Variations, and Finale - based on the days of the week.

Can also be performed as stand-alone pieces.

Duration: each variation is 26 bars long.

Total Duration: c.12 minutes.

Available in Physical Book Form, or a Digital Download.

Book Form:  23 pages.  Coming Soon.

Digital Download: PDF - 25 pages.  Available now.

"Theme" (C)

I - "Monday" - Feeling down (Bm)

II - "Tuesday" - Quirky (A)

III - Wednesday - Irish dance (G)

IV - "Thursday" - Joyful Invention (F)

V - "Friday" - Latin (Em)

VI - "Saturday" - Cool Jazz (D)

VII - "Sunday" - Reverential (C)

Finale  (C-Db)

Price: $23.99 (USD)

Published by Tikaani Music (BMI).

Free shipping in the US &  Canada.

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